Comfort Zone

Well hello there,

Thank you for allowing me space to get through my busy life. Wow, where is the time going? Not only did I not get to my blog in July but August came and went in a flash.

Each and every day I am learning and growing so much. Either through making an effort to learn but sometimes in the strangest places like during my yoga class when the instructor has messages that speak to my heart and soul.

I have been thinking so much about comfort zones and what kind of space that holds for us. They say there is no growth there but I also think that sometimes we just need to be there for a while. It allows us space to recoup, take note of what we have learned through our growth period and assess our “new” current state.

I have also noticed that we don’t stop and unpack a situation we find ourselves in that is uncomfortable or challenging. Each person has their own go too: retreating, lashing out, blaming.

Through my self-directed learning, I was shown a very powerful exercise about recognizing our patterns. Do you know how you usually react or respond?

Ok so I know some of my go too’s but do I really understand why I do what I do?

Here’s a little video of Shrek and Donkey having a conversation about onions

It’s not only Ogars that have layers but humans have layers too. How do I understand my reactions/responses and my feelings? The only way is to give yourself time and space to unpack it all.

This exercise is about onions and their layers. It is so incredibly powerful and creates some great insight.

Here is my onion:


My pattern is: I lash out when I feel anxious

Why don’t you give it a try:

  1. Write down a pattern you are aware of. Put a circle around it
  2. Because of my pattern I respond as………. Put a circle around the next layer
  3. Because of my response above, I………. put another circle around the next layer

Continue with this exercise until you feel you have created some great insight.

The next part is really important:

Ask yourself – what is the one insight you gained from doing this exercise & what steps will you take with this new insight?

Thank you Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence ( for showing me this exercise, it has been powerful for me and I am so happy I can share this with you all.

Comfort Zones are for times like these, exploring, creating self-awareness so you become more aware of you.

Till next time beautiful people.

Thank you for your precious time today