Acceptance: I am OK

Hello beautiful world,

Finding yourself in a place of acceptance is one of the most powerful places to be. A reminder that acceptance is not about being OK with how things planned out but acceptance is about acknowledging you have gone through it.

We have so much insight and growth when we start taking responsibility for ourselves and this includes our emotions and experiences.Acceptance

Once you have gone through something and popped out the other side; reflection is so important too.

The journey may be scary, full of darkness, not sure whether you are going to be swallowed up or make it to the other side.

If you are in a state of acceptance and acknowledgement you are more inclined to learn and grow from your experience rather than place blame on people or situations.

What I learnt from my cancer trauma was I was trying to fit into that old Candice box and it was not working. It took me a few times of being swallowed up to realize that I was my new me.

Finding yourself again can be exciting but also painful. Self-work is mostly avoided because it can cause pain. As humans we try avoid pain at all costs.

So what did I do? I started learning, discovering and developing my new self. By all this learning I found out stuff about myself I never knew.

Trying to find my purpose again was tough. I felt I had lost my identity. What did help me was helping or mentoring woman who were either going through treatment for Cancer or had just finished their treatment. It gave me great joy to be of service and help. By helping I was healing myself and my experience. I was opening myself up to acceptance and acknowledgment.

What can you do today to help yourself heal? Healing really does happen in all fields of ourselves:


Our scars, wounds, hair growth, loose/put on weight, acceptance of missing parts, loving of missing parts, loving of self just the way you are now in this current moment.


Feelings of fear, vulnerability, sadness, physical emotional pain, mourning our old selves, our old bodies, our old lives, bringing our focus back into the now and our future.


Dealing with what we have learnt through our trauma, how this affects our life now, sharing our knowledge with others, being vulnerable sharing your story, using your knowledge to help you heal and what more we can learn about ourselves.


Through any trauma we turn to God/Universe/Buddha/Christ/Allah, whoever your spiritual person is, as our faith is tested, developing the spiritual connection, faith and belief.

In my next blog I will talk more about these each individually and how you can focus your energy on healing in these areas.

I hope I have created some insight and healing for you in my blog today. This process is healing for me too as it allows me to reflect on how far I have come and the growth and lessons I have learnt.

Look after your beautiful self

Until next time