Inside Out (cue Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear & Disgust)

Hello beautiful world,

I often ask myself what my lesson in all of the trauma I experienced was. It’s taken a few years to become aware of this. It has taught me to be brave (I am your biggest scardy cat), it taught me to pull up those big girl pants and walk through the valley of the shadow of death (hell yes there is no going around anything just straight through it), it has taught me to not sweat the small stuff (no seriously there are bigger things in life).

It taught me to live in the now, to show up as authentically as possible, to live in my truth and follow my heart. It has taught me to take note and be aware of people, situations and things in life and learn as much as I can from them. It has been a journey of self-awareness. Don’t get me wrong I am not this perfect being I can easily slip back into old ways and old habits but I am aware of them.

Like I mentioned in my previous blog acceptance is a big giant leap towards healing. Not only accepting that I had cancer and I shall live with that my whole life but all sorts of unfavorable childhood stuff has surfaced over the last couple of years. And believe me when I say I am a master of shoving things away that feel too uncomfortable to feel. Yet I have learnt that the only way up is through.

So once you have found it in your space to accept what happened and remember acceptance does not mean you are ok with what happened, it merely means that you have agreed that it’s happened and it was a terrible awful and this is where you are at.

What now? Where to from here? The only way up is through. This is a tough step as you revisit thoughts, feelings and your experience. So be gentle on yourself. Treat yourself as you would your best friend going through a similar situation. Allow yourself to sit with your emotions as you go through the trauma. And if it becomes overwhelming then stop, give yourself a reward for even venturing down the path and when you feel strong and confident again, go back there.

In these moments allow yourself to feel, acknowledge the emotions that show up. Speak them out loud, shout them out loud, scream them into your pillow if you need too. But acknowledge them. Emotions will keep showing up until you acknowledge them. By saying “In this present moment I feel …….. About ……….” Your brain automatically calms down. It dampens down the emotion and gives you space to think more clearly and process what it is you are going through.

Allow yourself space to cry or get angry as these emotions will allow you to shift. And it’s okay. Be gentle with yourself, give yourself unconditional love and know how brave you are for doing this.

Wooooooooh how powerful. Remember to feel is to heal. Think about journaling this process. It really is cathartic and you may even have some incredible insight to your experience.

I’m proud of you for taking these first few steps. Keep your chin up and trust yourself and the process.

Look after your beautiful self.

Until next time


inside out
Meet Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear & Disgust